Atomizer Booth


Dimensions : 1550 mm W x 1500mm D x 2420 mm H


- Made with strong and light weight PVC material, modular by design, and DIY in nature, sections and joints will be shipped with detailed visual instructions required to put it together.
- For installation you will need 2 people to install the booth and all components. It should take no more than 2 to 4 hours to have it operational.
- No special tools are needed to install the booth besides a rubber/wooden mallet, a drill machine or electric screwdriver to make the structure more robust.


The misting system includes high pressure lines that feed the required
combination of 8 nozzles.
The system is currently available for capacity of upto 6 bursts of Spray per minute at most.


Comprises of an SMPS and ECU along with a Double Electric pump, Motion Sensor to trigger the misting system, a fail safe switch ,
Timer to regulates duration of spray cycles, Liquid Level Gauge to monitor quantity of disinfectant in tank.



A one piece UV treated, waterproof laminated fabric ( Olive Green Color) , designed with efficiency, durability
and convenience as priorities.

Disclaimer : The system is to be used by adults or under adult supervision and surveillance. ViroHero takes no responsibility of any misuse of the booth or the disinfectant concentrate. We would also like to clarify that the system ,if used properly, can only work on the outside of your body and can not cure you from any disease.

Looking for Atomizer disinfectant/ Sanitisation booth/ Disinfectant tunnel


One unit of VIROHERO Atomiser Tunnel

INR 48,000/- 

(GST 18% extra and shipping in India Included)


Total : INR 56,640/-

Shipping : All India shipping inclusive of the price ONLY AGAINST GST PURCHASE ORDERS.

Payment : 

100% advance payment on order confirmation on orders less than or equal to 10 pieces. 

50% advance payment on orders more than 10 pieces, remaining 50% prior to dispatch. 

We offer 6 month guarantee on only Electrical and misting components. 


Return and Refund Policy : 

Strict no refund or return policy. In rare occasion of malfunction / faulty unit, we will be happy to replace the faulty component on receipt of the part. This is valid upto 15 days from the date of receipt. Kindly refer FAQS for more on this. 

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