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No Contact key - The key to avoid COVID

Never before we thought a hundred times before touching that elevator button or opening the door or even using ATM buttons.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to inculcate better habits and is leading to a new healthier and cleaner way of lifestyle. 

From washing hands more often to cleaning surfaces at home and office with disinfectant,

these habits are here to stay long after COVID-19  passes.

Presenting, India's very own  the 'No Contact Key' .

Nothing better than using  a tool to do things for you so you can avoid touching multiple surfaces throughout your day.

Slip your finger through the loop to get a grip of the key and use it to press buttons or even gates as it lets you exert pressure on the surface very easily due to its user-friendly shape. 

Made in Acrylic using laser cut. 

This simple , funky and feather light  key works as an extension to your finger and works as a barrier between you

and the possible infected surface.  

No Touch Key Elevator demo

Uses :

- Pressing Elevator buttons

- Opening door handle or knob.  ( No more touching of doors at public washrooms which are more prone to virus and bacteria than any other place )

- Pressing ATM keys

-  Keypad / card swiping

- and any other contact place.

Note : Do not forget to clean/ sanitize the key as often as you can to prevent yourself from accidentally touching the front end of the key. 

So attach this key to your key chain or just use it as is and stay touch free - This is your KEY to avoid COVID !!!

Shipping : All India shipping inclusive of the price.

Payment : 

100 % advance payment against all orders for No-touch Key. 

Return and Refund Policy : 

Strict no refund or return policy.

Available colors - Orange, Blue, Black and White

(Subject to availability of color)

Minimum Order Quantity - 50 pieces 

Personalized Brand/Logo Customization available on order of 100 Pieces and more.


Per Key

INR 55/-  (GST 18% extra)

( Free shipping in India)

Total: INR 65/-

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