1. Is the disinfectant used harmful to the human body ?
- It has EU certifications which show that it is safe for use on skin and in eyes.Kindly refer to our page on this.

2. Do you recommend use of any disinfectant for the spray booth?

- No, we recommend to not use disinfectants such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite as they have been found to cause damage to human skin and may cause other health problems if used for long. Kindly consult your local physician for more on this.

3. What is the working capacity of the booth ?
- Approximately 7 seconds per person and 250ml of diluted disinfectant.

4. Is the disinfectant inflammable ?
- NO

5 Do you supply a tank for the disinfectant?
- NO, you will have to use a standard 20ltr Mineral water can which is commonly found across India.

Our kit is made to be combined with it specifically. Our disinfectant sensor will not be effective in any other container.

6.Can I cure myself of disease by using this product?

- It is not possible to cure any disease using any of our products.

7. What effects HYDRUS Disinfectant Liquid can have on materials such as wood, plastic, metal etc ?

-  No effect on surfaces such as plastic, wood, rubber /latex, stone counter tops and flooring, skin and hair.  On fabrcis, it can cause decolouration/ whitening on certain colours when used on fabric at high concentrations. At 1-2% to be used in disinfection tunnels, it wouldn't have much effect.

8. Can I use HYDRUS to clean vegetables? 

- Yes you can use HYDRUS in diluted form to clean vegetables. 

9. Can I use HYDRUS in both Atomizer Tunnel and Mist Blower/ Fogger? 

- Yes, at 1-2% dilution you can use HYDRUS for both Atomizer Tunnel and Mist Blower/Tunnel. No need for hot fogging. Cold fogging or fogging at ambient temperatures can be done.

10. How do I pay for my product? 

Do get in touch by us on mail and we shall share the details with you. Purchase Orders will have to be sent to us with a valid GST number. 

- Feel free to call on the numbers given in the footer below between 10 am - 7 pm only.

- OR WhatsApp us your requirements on : +91-4052-4201 

-OR send us a mail to : sales@virohero.in


11. Is there in warranty on the product?

We offer 6 month Electrical and misting components. The PVC components are not under any warranty.


12. What happens if i receive a faulty product?

- In case of any damage or faulty component received , we are here to help. Kindly take pictures and vidoes of the broken / damaged / faulty components. We will arrange for a pickup of the faulty component and have a replacement sent across to you. You must inform us about the same  within 7 days.Do mail the images/ videos to : service@virohero.in


13. What if my products stop working within the warranty period?

In case you product has any fault that arises during the course of usage, kindly follow our maintenance manual or if you are not able to find solutions there please follow the guideline for return and replacement.  

- In case of any under warranty component not functioning within a period of 6 months , we request you to kindly take pictures and vidoes of the broken / damaged / faulty component and mail it to service@virohero.in. We will then advise/guide you on any maintenance that you could do or if a component is found faulty , the said unit will be replaced by us.


Kindly note : We take reasonable care in packaging of our products for delivery to ensure minimum damage in transit. 

For any damaged component, the entire unit shall not be replaced, only the faulty component will be replaced.

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