VIRO HERO 3 - Atomizer Booth



The VIRO HERO 3 (TM) Atomizer Booth is a light but strong structure placed at the entrance / exit of private / public spaces and high risk areas.

Our atomizer booth is modular by design, constructed with
light weight material which makes it easy to transport & assemble.

This is possible despite lock-down restrictions to certain
geographies by air, thereby making it the only product of its kind
which is ready to ship within days of placing your order.



Modular Units

Set up your own booth with our modular components.

Light Weight

Making it easier to transport at lowest possible cost.

In built motion sensors

To trigger misting nozzle for exactly 7 seconds in Atomizer Booth

Safest Disinfectant

EU certified - Eco-friendly, non toxic, non corrosive , skin safe, effective against bacteria and viruses


Comes with 6 months guarantee on electrical and misting component.

Compact Designs

Can be used in residential buildings as well as malls, hospitals, factories etc.

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